Public Adjusters

Water, Fire, & Storm Damage Claims

Bella Vista General Contractor has experienced public adjusters on our team. Our goal is to provide you the help you need and deserve when a disaster strikes. We will come to evaluate your property damage along with your policy information. Bella Vista will assist you with reporting your loss to your insurance company. We will prepare an estimate for your insurance company and work with your insurance to get you the maximum settlement. Bella Vista General Contractor has years of experience handling property damage claims and is knowledgeable with property damage, code requirements, law changes and insurance policies.

Insurance companies have their own adjusters, why don't you?

Why use a public adjuster?

Studies have shown that using a public adjuster has resulted in higher claim settlements to the policy holder. All American Public adjusters work solely on the behalf of the policy holder, not the insurance company.

What does a public adjuster do?

A public adjuster will examine your fire, water or storm damage loss and determines the cause of the loss. A public adjuster makes sure it's a covered loss in your policy before opening a claim. If it is covered, a public adjuster will write up an estimate and negotiate on the damage with your insurance company to get you the maximum your home or business deserves.

It is crucial to document and report the loss immediately after your water damage, fire damage or storm damage claim in order to prevent a claim denial. Insurance companies send their own adjusters to your home and it's important to have someone representing your best interest. Do not let your insurance company dictate the loss - remember the burden of proof lies solely on you. Let Bella Vista General Contractor prepare your estimate.

We Will Represent You and Handle Your Claim

  • File or Re-Open Existing claim
  • Investigate and Document Claim
  • Inspection with Insurance Company
  • Negotiate the Maximum Insurance Claim Settlement

Insurance companies have a professional insurance adjuster representing them in the claim. Home owners have the same opportunity to hire a professional adjuster who has THEIR interests in mind.

We have professional experience in handling many types of claims:

  • Residential and Commercial claims

  • Fire Damage claims

  • Water Damage claims

  • Wind claims, Roof Damage claims, Hail Damage claims

  • Vandalism claims

  • Flood Damage

  • Plumbing claims – Slab Leaks, pipe break, pipe leaks

  • Roof damage claims

Contact Bella Vista General Contractor today to represent you in your damage claim today.